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How do I change the date of a story on my timeline ? You might be thinking that will you able to change the date of stories that you have posted before on your timeline, for example you have posted something which happened on December but in timeline it is showing on January. But in new Facebook timeline profile you have the choice that you can change the date of the story, also including your life events and any photos even the videos you have posted or you are tagged by your friends and family. By changing the date your story will move to the date you have selected.

Follow the below steps:

How to change the date of a story on Facebook timeline
Step 1: Go to your Facebook and then your timeline profile.
Step 2: Hover the story that you would like to change the date.Then click the Edit or Remove button.
Step 3: Now from the menu select Change Date.

Step 4: Now select the new date : you can select Year , Month and if you click on +Add day then you can also select the particular day of the event. After you have selected your date click Save.
Step 5:  After you click on Save button you will get notification that your date has been saved with a new popup window just like below.Click OK.
You are done now visit your timeline profile and you can see that the event or photo or story that you have change the date will show on the particular date.

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