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Choose a unique image for the cover of your timeline and you can reposition the image you have uploaded for your cover and also you need to know the size of your image. Now the question is what is actually the cover of your timeline. It is just simple a big banner top of your profile that makes your profile look more digital and dynamic of the new timeline profile of Facebook. Just think of every single website there is a banner top of it and your cover will be just like that banner top of your Facebook timeline profile. You can add any photo for your cover expect any time of nudity, pornography or any unsuitable image that looks odd for others. But it is not necessary that you have to add your self image to the cover page of the timeline. You can add any artistic photos, techno type or anything you like.

So, now the question is how you will able to add Cover photo or change the cover photo of your timeline. If you yet didn't turn on your Facebook timeline profile then click here to learn How to enable Facebook timeline profile.

How to add or change timeline cover page:
Step 1: Go to your Facebook timeline profile.

Step 2: Hover over the top of the timeline profile and click Add a Cover or if you have already uploaded one and want to change it therefor you need to hover over the old cover image and you will see a new button called Change Cover.

Step 3: Now you can select Choose from photos... that you can select any cover image from your album photos or you can simply add a new cover image from your hard drive by clicking on Upload photo... and all you need to do is select your photo and you are done. [eg.  image should be at least 720 pixels wide.]

Step 4: Now after you have uploaded your image again go back and click and hover over your image and select Change Cover so that you can position your image all you need to is click on Reposition.... 
Step 5:Now you will have a new option so that you can simply drag your image up or down and select the perfect position for image to be your cover click Save Changes.

If you have any problem or any questions regarding adding uploading or repositioning your Facebook timeline cover please feel free to share with us using below comment box and we will help you.

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