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Toyota Fun-Vii Concept - car of the future , a car or a smartphone or gaming mechine, bed room or you can say stylist with all. This car is something really extra ordinary then any other cars. The Toyota fun Vii is a spectacular design concept unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show this week. The 13 foot long three-seater's interior and exterior are blank slates for whatever visuals you would like to wirelessly paint onto them in real time.Yes this is true that like the game Grand Theft auto you just can't Pay N Spray your car every 16 minutes, but in this car you can simply change the skin at the tap of the button ? Toyota likes the sound of that and has thus come up with the funky looking fun-Vii concept car.

Whats more, even the interior can be changed as well, and similarly it can be used as a display space for navigation or even racing simulation.There is a Lady with a cute little hat accompany you, guiding you around the vehicle's futuristic features. She also helps you find your way from one place to another. which is probably effortless considering that the vehicle is networked with all the other cars on the road and rives itself.This is all good and well, but unlike many other concept exhibits we have seen, Toyota's mockup could not seat people, we suspect the car only used back projection from within, so we could not get to see what it do feel like to play a tron-like game inside a car. Nevertheless, we look forward to day when this idea becomes a reality.

Check out this astonishing video

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