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Top 10 Facebook Global Topic - Facebook status makes the biggest change in the evolution of the world's largest social network till 2011. As we all know Facebook has become World's largest social network and it will be on the top in the future as well.

Facebook Status: Facebook has made some changes to status updates this year. There are total seven major changes they have done example : Increased Character Limits on status.Facebook data scientists kept their eyes focused on tracking the key trends among millions of status updates regularly in Facebook.

Facebook has finally released that research results late Tuesday night in their end of year Memology list, which each December since 2009 has helped users to understand the most popular topic in the year, cultural trends and acronyms on the site.

So, as Facebook results the death of Osama Bin Laden one of the top topic on Facebook status and become the largest popular status in Facebook history.

So here goes the list :
Top 10 Most Popular Status Treads 2011
1. Death of Osama Bin Laden - May 2011
2. Packers Win the Super Bowl - February 2011
3. Casey Anthony found not guilty - July 2011
4. Charlie Sheen - March 2011
5. Dealth of Steve Jobs - October 2011
6. The Royal Wedding - May 2011
7. Death of Amy Winehouse - July 2011
8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - November 2011
9. Military operations begin in Libya - March 2011
10. Hurricane Irene - August 2011

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