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Facebook has made so many changes with in last few months. Added few important updates as well but Facebook didn't changed its layout or you can say the look but has recently updated home news feed. Most of us likes the new facebook updates and few didn't like at the started because we all know we are addicted to old things as its turn to be our habit but after months people also become use to with the new updates and now feel more comfortable then before.
So, If we look into our Facebook home page we will see Ticker right top.
Facebook Ticker: Ticker is simply you can call the old news feed. All your friends update will be in ticket. Like if they join in any groups, apps or likes a page. Status updates and all others friends update show as the old news feed. It shows recent updates of your friends. You can also listen music with your friends. Click on a story inside the ticker and hover over on a story to join in the conversation. Yes you can say its a nice good highlights updates of your friends.
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Facebook News Feeds: Now as we all know many of us have lot of friends in Facebook and sometimes we miss important updates of our Facebook because we can't be online 24/7. So,this update changes the system that now we will able to view all the important updates of our friends at the top of the pages. So we won't miss anything important which is happening. Moreover you can call it a simple newspaper that we usually first read the headlines and then the details. So, whenever you login back to your Facebook you can see highlighted stories of your friends as the headline and then the more you scroll down you can see all the updates. But if you wish you can go back to the old style if you are addicted to Facebook and might want to look all the recent updates only then you can change to Recent stories first.
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Facebook Subscribe: Now you can subscribe to your favorite writers, actors, friends and others. Subscribe is just like the twitter following. If you are subscribe to someone it will be same as you are following that person. You can subscribe anyone even he is added in your friendlist or even not a friend. If you subscribe with someone you will see all his public updates in your wall. Even you do not need to add the person as a friend. Moreover if you add someone as a friend he is automatically added to your subscribe list.
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Facebook Timeline: Facebook timeline you can call it your facebook story page or snapbook of your facebook life story.This timeline will show what you have done in the particular day, particular month and even a particular year and all your facebook life. The stream of information about your self, the photos you have posted, the status you have given, the groups you have joined, the app you used, even the place where you have visited on a world map.Moreover you can call it a book of your facebook life which shows you and your friends what you have done on your facebook in a day, month, year and since the day of your Facebook birth.Facebook yet didn't release the full version of timeline.
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Facebook lists: Facebook list is also one of the important updates. Many of us even have thousands of friends. So it is very difficult to find out what updates are done by our close friends, family members, school collage university friends. But using the list you can now only view all your close friends updates only or your family members updates. Just you need to do is add your friends on the list. By default facebook added close friends, Acquaintance, family, school collage university and area. But you can also make a list of your own. So. now we will not miss any updates of closest person.
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Facebook Video Calling: Facebook has made it so easy for us to talk to our friends. By the new video calling feature we can now talk and see our friends live on facebook. Just by installing a simple Facebook plug-in we can call our friends and talk with them in a video conversation. As we all know Facebook chat is very popular so with video calling feature it made us more easy to talk with our friends.
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Facebook and Skype: Facebook and skype together sounds very good. As we all know Skype is one of the most popular messenger now a days. Now you can login in your Facebook account using Skype. You can see all your friends update in your skype window. You do not need any third party browser to login to Facebook.You can also chat with your Facebook friends using skype fast and easy. You can also video call with your Facebook friends using skype. So it is really made so easy for us to use skype and Facebook together in only one Skype client.
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Facebook Photos And Albums: Facebook photos are now bigger then before and also they have changed the preview as well. Now you do not need to go to another page to view a photo you can just click to view.Facebook also updated its new photo album uploader. You can now see upload processes and how much it is uploading and processing time. So now you don't have to wait and you even don't know how much time it would take to complete the uploading processes. Now you can see how much time it will take and progress bar shows how much the photo is uploaded.
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Facebook Chat Interface: You can now setup Facebook chat limit. You can select to whom you would like be available and whom you do not like to show your self. Even now you can also make your self visible to only your close friends.Also you have option to turn off chat sound. You can also go offline for everyone.Now your messages will redirect to your inbox whenever you go offline. So now you won't miss any message and all your chat messages are also saved in your inbox or messages box.
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Facebook Question: Facebook questions are very interested. You can ask question and also can answers other questions. Also have the ability to ask multiple questions with multiple answer. It is very interesting to pass your social time.I have always found so many interesting question by my friends and it really make me laugh some time.

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