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As we all know, before launching timeline, Facebook started a beta launch few months back, so, if you have upgraded through the developer app for the timeline you will able to see the new timeline profile, but you had another option that if you would like to deleted that app from your Facebook app list you will able to uninstall it and switch back to the old profile.

We have found a new solution to deactivate disable or remove Facebook new advanced timeline profile to know about the trick please read - Disable Remove Deactive Facebook timeline trick 

A Facebook Authority explained in an email reply "Once you click Get Timeline, you will have seven days to review everything that appears on your timeline before anyone else can see it. If you choose, you can publish your timeline right away. If you decide to wait, your timeline will go live automatically after sever days. Your timeline will replace your profile.

But now, There is actually no way till now to get back the old profile even deleting the app as eventually everyone on Facebook will be rolled over to timeline.

Most of users like new to Facebook, or new to internet world or less technologically inclined users have said they find timeline overwhelming. But before with every update of Facebook people there were many complaints have followed, but with time people have simmered down after getting used to the changes made by Facebook.

But this new profile insn't a short new update or something that we can ignore, this is about the full Facebook profile.And this new timeline is something really new to social network world of people. So lets wait till what Facebook does to educate people about the advanced Facebook profile.

So, share your views about the new profile thought comments ? Do you like it or not ? and if you do tell us the reason ? if you don't tell us the reason why ?

your answers are very important as Facebook always do survey and if they found large amount of complaints they might take off the new Facebook Adavanced profile timeline.

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  1. the new profile is bullshit

  2. Da worst change eva in fb

  3. Plxxxx disable dix ugliest profile change

  4. Timeline suxxxxx n is so irritating .. isnt at all user friendly .. i just want to switch back to old classic facebook look ..

  5. facebook is becoming another myspace

  6. The new timeline profile is confusing..I left myspace because of the confusion and joined Facebook because it was easy to navigate but now, i think its off to visit other social networking places where the users has options.

  7. The new timeline have a good concepts behind. A great concepts, but the design interface kind of go the wrong way. It's difficult to use and handle. I have used up my whole 2 hours to figure out what is going on. Yes, even if the previous history of mine can be hide, but there's no privacy. I've to click one by one just to hide. And the helpdesk doesn't help. Please return us the old facebook profile. Timeline with good concept, but a "not-really-go-well" design interface for its user is not considered as a success. I hope you think thru' about it.

  8. i want the old fb profile, its very irritating