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After long waiting from max payne 2 now Rockstar games is going to release Max Payne 3.So most exciting third-person shooting game and rated one of the popular game before.Now its time for the series 3.

The story line is Max Payne drifts into his New jersey aprtment with fellow ex-cop Raul Passos to swig some liquor and forget about the child he accidentally shot in the field when mafia thugs swarm his place, guns ready. Payne and Passos are about to shoot their way out of trouble.

Developer - Rockstar Vancouver, Rockstar New England, Rockstar London, Rockstar Toronto
Publisher -Rockstar Games
Writer - Dan Houser
Series - Max Payne
Engine - RAGE, Euphoria
Platform - Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release date - March 2012
Genre - Third-person shooter
Mode - Single-player, multiplayer
Media/distribution - Optical disc

Max Payne 3 finds its eponymous hero some years after the previous game. Payne is now an ex-cop and travels to Brazil to work in private security for a Brazilian real estate mogul. Payne is tasked with finding the mogul’s missing wife, though all is not what it seems. Game creator Rockstar Studios also hinted that the game’s timeline will be fluid, meaning there very-well may be later levels that take place in and around New York.
Deceit, betrayal and backstabbing have always been themes of the Max Payne series, which previously had Payne exploring the seedy underbelly of New York’s mafia and crime scene. In Max Payne 3, our anti-hero has shaved his head for warmer climes but many of the trademark features are the same. Payne can still use “bullet-time,” which briefly slows time much like in The Matrix. While the graphic-novel style has been partially scrapped, Rockstar is using “motion comic” cut scenes, which feature quick cuts, sliding panels and even overlay text.

It’s an overall update on the series, but does it work? The Hoboken scene was an early build, but the graphics already look top-notch. Payne shoots his way through the hallways of his apartment buildings even getting some help from a bomb-strapped, pantless conspiracy theorist who lives on his floor. The game is dark, but there is also a sly humor to the proceedings.
Payne can dual-wield different handguns though he now has a limited inventory and has to pick up and discard weapons as he runs out of bullets. Rockstar said this was to make the game more realistic and a to harken back to the John Woo bullet-fest movies from which the games draw inspiration.

The second level of the preview had Payne already in Brazil trying to escape from a local paramilitary group along with Passos’s sister. The game is the first to incorporate a cover system though the emphasis is still on running and gunning. Max Payne 3 has a “morale” system for its enemies: If you are aggressive and efficient, enemies will get scared and shy away. More passive players will run the risk of getting flanked or outnumbered by emboldened foes. Also new is a “final bullet cam,” which activates a slow-motion bullet tracer whenever the final enemy is killed in an area.
The graphics look great, but the real gem of the game is its physics and animations engine. Max Payne 3 uses the euphoria engine, which allows for realistic human reactions to the environment, damage and injury. Rockstar also sunk time and money into performance motion-captioning, building mock sets and recording multiple takes for every action.

For example, Payne will automatically adjust his body while mid-jump to prevent damage to himself. When on the ground, he will spin, twist and re-adjust his legs depending on the angle of his fall and any elevation around him. None of these are pre-made animations but instead real-time reactions based on character input, momentum and his environment.
This philosophy permeates the entire game. Rockstar has modeled every bullet fired in the game, gun chambers slide back with every shot and you can see Payne physically pull the trigger on ever weapon he fires. Payne will also sweat, bleed and get dirty during missions — all of which are unique depending on the player’s actions.
The team also has big plans for multiplayer. Bullet-time will join a list of “bursts,” or abilities, that can be triggered by building up an adrenaline bar.

Trailer of Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 wallpapers

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