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Facebook is the only social network with 800 million users all over the world as well as the most featured social network. In social network industry Facebook has the largest network now also have email service. So you can send emails to all email services and also will able to receive emails from other email services such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail etc friends and contacts inside Facebook messages. Now from just one site you can do social network as well as your important email staffs.

We have already explain a step by step guide How to create Facebook Email ID claim your Facebook Email. If you didn't claim your Facebook email address then claim now. Just click on the above link and follow the steps.

So, now the question how you will able to receive or check and send emails to your friends and contacts. It's Facebook right ? so as we all know Facebook always made things much easier to use so that everyone will able to use it without any difficulties and facing problems. So, just follow the below steps :

How to send to email to other email services from Facebook and receive emails in Facebook:

How to send email from Facebook:

Step 1: Go to Facebook and from your homepage select the Message or Facebook message inbox.
Step 2: Before you follow this step please verify that you are checked green with your just like below image see the red line check either your name appears just like mine example: If its not follow - How to Create Facebook Email ID. If it is checked green then from your message inbox you will see a button "New message" top middle. Click on it to create a new message.
Step 3:A new window will popup just like when you send messages to your Facebook friends. Now in the To enter the email address/ID of your friend or contacts, then type your message in the Message box. Now hit the "Send" button. You are done.

How to check or receive email in Facebook:
There is actually no guide it is just simple as the messages and notifications. If you received a email from a friend then you will able to see the email inside the message inbox and as well as in the notification box. If you receive emails from non-friends then you have to check from the Others.

Email From Non-friends:
Email Notification:
Email Send and receive:

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