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It always makes me uncomfortable that people subscribe to me and get all my updates because everytime i do not like my updates to setup with privacy custom settings. After facebook has introduce with the new subscribe tab people are using it more and more because you can subscribe to anyone and get their public update easily in your homepage without even adding them on your friend list. So, i have decide that i should turn off Facebook subscription for public.Friends does not need to be unsubscribed as they are already in my friendlist so they can see my updates via news feed. So, you can easily hide the facebook subscribe button so that no one will able to subscribe to you anymore.

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So How to disable facebook subscribe or subscription:
Step 1: Go to your Facebook profile and select subscribers.
Step 2: Now on the left side top click Edit settings.

Step 3: In the new window of edit subscribe settings "allow people other than your friends to subscribe to your public updates" all you need to do is turn it Off. If you select Friend requests Limit requests to friend of friends (helps prevent spam) and check it and click OK.

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