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You have lot of friends over facebook, who like to add you on different types of their uploading content. SUch as videos, comments and pictures most of the times.Whenever a friend tag you on a photo or picture or even in a video Facebook autometically allow the tag and everyone of your friends see that you have tagged in that photo or video.But sometimes you may don't like to people add your pictures and other staffs on Facebook and tag you there without your permission.So, by setting up few privacy settings on Facebook you will able to stop auto tagging on Facebook.

So, How to disable Auto Tagging On Facebook.

Step 1:Go to your Facebook account and click on the top right corner just after the home tab a small down arrow click on it.

Step 2:From the drop down menu just select Privacy Settings .

Step 3: Now a new window will load. Select Edit Settings in the How Tags Work.

Step 4:Now a window will pop-up with some settings information.Adjust it as you like and tagging process works to  the right.

Step 5:Turn off the Tag Suggestions and also friends can check you into places. Now when you each of the settings a new window will pop-up with disable and enable option.Now disable them and click OK.

Now you are done. Click on the Done button and your settings are now perfectly fine. Now Facebook will ask your permission everytime a friend of your tag you in any photo.

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