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So, did you enjoyed The Christmas ? did Santa dropped a beautiful iPad 2 down your chimney for you ? So now what you are going to do in the holidays. Enjoy with your iPad 2 and figuring out what accessories should you get for your new iPad2 or even the old one. Lucky you, One of the great things about buying into Apple craze is the rich and diverse range of great accessories available for all iProducts such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and others.

The iPad is no exception. You can choose from bewildering array of great and kool designed cases, stands, speakers, dock and other peripherals available from the Apple Tablet iPad. Here we are going to show you some of the great accessorize you might need for your great product iPad 2.We have hand-picked a selection of various products that we think stand out from the crowd.

Take a look through our below images of worthy great iPad 2 accessories. Let us know in comments if any of these tempts you and do not forget to link us with anything else you have seen that has caught your eyes.

1. miFrame 
So, have you wonder how your ipad will look inside a frame.Then miFrame turns your iPad into an 8-inch by 10-inch photo frame. Available in black or silver, it's a slimline storage solution for your iPad, even lending it useful, aesthetic functionality while you're not using it.
Price : $79
So do you want a case for your iPad 2 so that it would be protected as well as a new stylist look ? We are always on the lookout for unusual accessories and we think we have found one with the "No. 1 Docker." Made from soft, American dry-milled leather, this case looks and feels great.
Price : $170
So are you a painter or iArtist and its one of your hobbies. So stop painting in paper and save trees as you can paint in your own iPad and use it for great paintings.One of the exciting aspects of the iPad is its potential for art. This brush, with its specially conductive bristles, is a great accessory for budding iArtists.
Price: $31
Protected with a different look and more stylist thats what you want your iPad to be right ? Maroo is worth a look. As well as in-house cases, such as the models pictured, you'll also find edgy designs from TV's Seth Aaron.
Price: Starts From $39.99
So are you a cook and love cooking then it is Obviously designed for keen cooks, we love Belkin's Chef Stand + Stylus, a washable kitchen stand that will display your iPad, whether you're referencing recipes, listening to music or watching TV.
Price: $39.99

6. Crayola ColourStudio

What do you get when you cross an iPad with a colouring-in book? As fully grown-up gadgeteers it’s not something we’ve ever considered. But the boffins over at Crayola have because their Crayola ColourStudio for iPad manages to meld the two to perfection, allowing kids (and adults who should know better) to colour away to their hearts’ content, digital-styley.
Price : $47
7. iPag

If you're looking to get more out of your iPad case, the iPag is a great option. Slimline and functional, it boasts a chic urban design.
Price: $70

This model is just one of many Wallee iPad accessories. Once you get the Wallee case, consider adding various stands, wall holders and even VESA mounts to your collection.
Price: Varies/depends

The ultimate iPad accessory for fans of vintage Apple style, the iStation offers stereo sound, a built-in Bluetooth keyboard, and some serious retro cool.
Price: $85.90
So finally Versatile, lightweight, portable and stylish. The iPad is a great many things (see what we did there?). But despite the vast number of ways you can use it, this snazzy tablet is still prone to the same laws of gravity as everything else. Which means it’s still tricky to use when you’re standing or your hands are occupied.
Price: $226




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