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Facebook recently adding lots of new features and upgrades to its layout and functions. Many of the Facebook users daily get 100's of friend request. Even if we do not visit Facebook for a long while it is possible that when we visit back we will see 100's of pending friend requests. We feel lazy to go to the requests page to accept all the friends or even only the friends that we want to like and all other pending or not now.

But now how about staying at the home page just clicking on the friend request icon just besides the Facebook logo top left of the home page and when we see the request we do not need to click "See all friend requests" just scrolling the list down and slide the requests and accept the friends we would like to add. Now Facebook has made it very simple for us by scrolling the friend request and accept it staying at the home page. You do no need to go anywhere or visit any other other page to add the pending friend requests.

Currently this new feature only works with the Facebook friend requests but hope Facebook will soon add this function for notifications as well. So that without clicking "See all notifications" to view notifications just through scrolling we will able to see all notifications. If this new function is not showing or working in your Facebook profile that might be an issue for your browser, upgrade your browser and you will able to use this new functions.

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