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So, we always talk about the records ? the wonders ? the best records people have done ? Facebook is the largest social media in the world do you ever thought it also have some records as well ?

RecordSetter is a world records website running since last 2 years and have more then 300 extraordinary feats by ordinary people.They has gained enough traction to be mentioned on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and collected enough material to publish The RecordSetter Book Of World Records.

RecordSeleter has an entire section for Facebook. Where you can find best records which have been done by Facebook users. So, Here are some highlights:

Most "Liked" Facebook Post
Lil Wayne made a Facebook post that's received 573,528 "likes", a new world record.

Longest Comment Thread On A Facebook Video
Paul Beardsley and his friends (Kaity Kane, Courtney Kwak, Marty Stahl, Ashleigh Wright, Taryna Tarver, Mike Van Gheem, Hunter Rousseau, and Steve Perry) made 1,887 comments on a Facebook video.

Slowest Time To Lead A Call And Response "Worlds Longest Cheerleading Chant" Chant On Facebook
Craig Anderson led an online call and response chant of "Worlds Longest Cheerleading Chant" through his Facebook page that took 24 hours, 10 minutes.

Most Comments On A Facebook Link To A Separate Facebook Page
Roberto Esposito and his friends commented 301,000 times on a Facebook link to another Facebook page.

Most Facebook Pokes
Lindsay Louise received 1,981 Facebook pokes.

Longest Two-Person Comment Thread On A Facebook Status Update

Nolan Chilcote Rich and his friends commented back and forth 5,323 times on a Facebook status update.

Longest Comment Thread On A Facebook Photo
Vamsi Kotta has a Facebook photo with 50,779 comments. NOTE: This is an evolving record. Please visit post to check current number of posts.

Longest Comment Thread On A Facebook Wall Post
Zac Massey and his friends have commented 59,380 times on a Facebook wall post.

Most Comments On A Facebook Quiz Result
Alex Carlins and his friends have posted 18,688 comments on his Facebook quiz result.

Readers: Which of these Facebook records would you like to try to break, if any post them here......

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  1. what about the longest three-person wall post comment stream?

  2. What about the longest facebook inbox message thread between 6 people?

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