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Most of the facebook users use privacy to get protected. As privacy settings are very important for all the users so that they could limit access of their updates, comments, photos, chat and others. Hiding your self from people may be a way that you will be private and you will able to chat with the person you want. Many of us got a lot of friends but we always do not want to chat with everyone right ? may be sometimes we feel like we should chat with our school friends, collage friends, university friends our close friends, familly or the people i am subscribed too. So how you can limit chat visibility of your self in facebook so that you will be unavailable to others expect the friends you would like to chat with ?

Step 1: Go to Facebook and click chat bar and from there you will see a settings icon click on it and go to limit availability....
Step 2: A new window popup "limit availability on chat" now you have to options either make me unavailable to or only make me available to. So lets choose only make me available to first. and select close friends and click ok.
Now you will be online only for your close friends. If you select Acquaintances then all your acquaintances will able to see you online.

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