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Sometimes group notification is annoying. When you join a group in facebook, whenever people post in the group wall you will get notification every time and if you are thinking about the popular group may be you will get notification every single minutes. So, you might miss some of important updates and other important notification because of group notifications every time. Even you may miss a important notification just because you thought the notification you saw was the group notification. So if you are not admin or owner of this group you may like to turn off annoying notifications from the group.

How to turn off group notification :
Step 1: Go to group homepage from your notification or from the left side bar located at your homepage of Facebook and click on the group name.
 Step 2: Now if you want to turn off or disable all notifications from the group just click Notifications button right side top of the page and click Off.
Step 3: If you just want to receive updates from your friends only or just only posts not all activity then click Settings... from the Notifications and select either you like to get all activity or just want to get all posts updates or you just want posts by your friends.
That is it. You can simply turn off or select which notifications you would like to get from the group with in 3 steps.

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