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Few months ago Facebook added a new feature by which you will able to select and make a list of particular friends and their updates. You can add a single or multiple friends in your close friends list. For example, you want to get all updates only of your close friends, you want to get all updates only from your family or relatives, you want to get all updates from the people live near your city, you want to get all updates from only your network like school collage and university friends. So you can easily make that list and get all updates of them. Facebook introduces its new news feed which tells you from the most important news to less important news. Which means the most likes and most comments posts will be on the top of your Facebook updates since your last visit. So, making a list is very important so you won't miss any updates from your close friends. So you can make that list easily with few steps shown below:

Step 1: Go to your Facebook home page and select the list you want to add friends in.For example: if you would like to add friends on your close friends list then click Close Friends from list of left side bar of Facebook home.
Step 2: From the Close Friends home page from the left side you can see suggestion for friends , or you can simple type the name of your friend inside Add friends to this list box or you can click Manage List and select Add/remove friends...
Step 3: If you choose add/remove friends you can actually select multiple friends without typing their name. All you need to do is select the people from your friends list and press just.

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