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Google's Gmail has again changed its layout with a new look and now it is rolling out to all users. This changed has been officially announced in a blog post of Google Tuesday, this new looks allow Gmail users much more control over the look of the service.You can simply do anything you look to example, you can drag sidebars around to your preffered size and width, choose from wider selection of high-resolution background pictures as well, and device whether you want lots of email on your email display screen or more white space between mails. You can actually set up your Mail looks just as you like as well as the size.
You can choice of email density between Comfortable, Cozy, Compact.

The users who use Gmail as their regular email address and receive a lot of emails now there is a new search function added, which is you can now access Advanced Search by clicking on the search bar. Conversation have been condensed and profile pictures has been added as well.
There are lot more functions and features Google Gmail offered in its sneak peek of the new Gmail.

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