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As we all know few months ago Facebook introduce us with the new news feed, now whenever you visit Facebook home, you can see the most interesting updates from your friends, like status updates from family and closest friends, as last Week Facebook announced improvements to Friend List and a new Subcribe button with more options and features.

But not only your friends making Facebook interesting for you, it is also on you that how much you visit Facebook. For example if you join Facebook after a week, you may want to see summary of top stories first, if you have already visited several times on a particular day or on that day, you probably care more about the recent news and updates.

From now Facebook made it easier to keep up with the people in your life no matter how frequently or infrequently you are on Facebook.

Top Of Page of News Feed Facebook Home
It is basic and we all know if we start reading a newspaper which is 1 or 2 weeks old we will must choose the front page which will quickly clues us into the most interesting stories. In the past Facebook news feed hasn't worked like that. Updates slide down in cronological order so it is tough to zero in on what matters most.

But now Facebook has announced news feed Facebook home will be your own personal newspaper. Now you do not have to worry or even you don't miss any of the important stuff of your family and friends. All theu updates and news will be in a single stream with the most interesting stories featured at the top. If you didn't visited Facebook for a particular time, the first things you will see are the top photos, status, updates posted while you are been away.They will be marked with an easy to spot blue corner. As you can see in the below picture:

If you check Facebook regularly and more frequently, you will see all the most recent updates and stories by first, photos will be also bigger and easier to enjoy and see while you are scrolling through the updates.

The Old News Feed But Now Its Ticker
News Feed often has a time lag. Usually when you're on Facebook, a lot of your friends are too. Until now, there hasn't been an easy way to see and chat with your friends about photos, articles, and other things they're posting in real-time. The new ticker helps you do just that.

Ticker shows you the same stuff you were already seeing on Facebook, but it brings your conversations to life by displaying updates instantaneously. Now when a friend comments, asks a question or shares something like a check in, you'll be able to join the conversation right away. Click on anything in ticker to see the full story and chime in – without losing your place.
If you have a wider screen, slide the grey bar between ticker and chat up or down to adjust how many updates you see at a time. To control who can see your updates anywhere on Facebook, including in ticker and News Feed, adjust your apps settings.

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