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Have you ever wonder how Google plus will look alike if the colors changed and color turns into facebook color. We all know that Google plus and Facebook has lot of similar design and ways. Actually there are basically no different between social networks expect some extra features. All social networks works in the same way add friends, accept friends and make a community and keep in touch with friends and family in a community way where everyone is connected with everyone. So if we say Facebook, myspace, google plus, hi5, orkut and others are similar then yes in that sense everyone is similar to each other. So, the other factors like applications, design, layout, chat and some other factors might be different then each other.

So, if we convert the layout of google plus into Facebook layout how it will look alike. Below we added the google plus page as it look like now:

Now, we converted the google Plus skin into Facebook skin now see how it look :
If we concider Google plus homepage just look a like facebook homepage it won't be wrong expect few changes. In my personal opinion both have basic needs for social network user and including simple design with more features.

So what do you think about this design ?

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