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So, are you worried about Facebook security ? as long the days are passing Facebook is becoming more popular. Now Facebook is looking for adding more password tools in the website, which has been announced by Facebook behave on the response to users, ongoing concerns about the social network privacy and security issues.
Facebook is going to introduce two new features to secure Facebook account.
1.Trusted Friends
2.App Password

This two function will be available to all the users in upcoming weeks, and this will be added in the account settings section.
Trusted Friends: This will help users to access their accounts if they are locked or hacked out for some reasons. As Facebook said “Trusted Friends will let you select three to five trusted friends who can help you if you ever have issues accessing your account,” Facebook’s security blog said today. “Facebook will send codes to the friends you have selected, then you can log back into your account using those codes.”
Now users need to be very careful while choosing their friends to share their codes with, however, because the social network does not say whether people contacts will be able to use the codes to enter friends pages themselves.

App Password: This new feature will give Facebook users a new way to give App password a unique password to use with third-party apps only.Users will able to generate the passwords randomly as necessary and enter them in place of their regular Facebook passwords when they use Spotify, skype or any other random apps that allow them to log on through Facebook.
So, when they do not like any app or think it is unsafe for their account they can simply block the app by deleting the password they have generated for the particular app.This special passwords may also keep people from accessing others Facebook accounts through third-party app, a growing concern as more apps connect through the social network websites.

As just like last month, a user said that the site was tracking his online cookies, even when he logged out of the social network.

On behave of this statement Facebook said it would fix the privacy breach, but the complaint came as companies practices concerning tracking and privacy under increasing scrutiny.

Facebook has made so many moves to protect users privacy in past and also moving forward, which has including moving privacy controls from a separate settings page to peoples home and profile pages, making it easier to determine how information should be shared and protected.

Google+, which has several settings that protect users privacy, including the Circles feature that allow control over whom sees status posts and with whom it is not to be shared.

Password protections will be not the end of Facebook protection for its users, they are also looking forward for more upgrade and security so that users will be safe from online frauds and others.

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