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As we all know security for our Facebook account is very necessary now a days due to huge number of hacking accounts Facebook has added lot of security methods which will secure your account.Protecting your self from scams, viruses, brute force, hacks , infections and others.It is very important that you should be aware of the ricks and learn how to protect your accounts and your computer from being hacked or infected. So here is a list of things you should do to protect your Facebook account.

1. Add a mobile number to your account - this is a very necessary step as if even somehow your account got hacked you should get back up from your mobile number.So you can set up your mobile number from Mobile Tab of your Account Settings page.This is one of the most secure way to lock your account.

2. Add a security question and answer for your Facebook account - As we all know most of the popular website use this feature to prevent from hackers. So all you need to do is set up a questions and a good answer for it that other even the closest persons can not guess.You can do it from Security Settings from Account Settings page.

3. Become a fan of Facebook Security Page - By this way you will get all the updates of Facebook newly added security features and information on how to protect your Facebook account.Go Here

4. Remember that you choose what you share and whom you share with - Always think before you post something, especially if what you are sharing in sensitive. You can learn more about how to control your information On Facebook, including how to choose an audience for each of every post that you share, you can see it from the Privacy Guide and follow the instructions given.

5. Be careful when accessing or sending information over an unsecured public wireless network - For extra protection when you browse the web or Facebook, turn on Secure Browsing (https) from your Account Settings page, click the Change link next to Account Security, check the box under Secure Browsing (https) and then click Save button and you are done.

6. Turn on login approvals - if you turn on the login approvals of Facebook, Facebook will text you a code anytime you log in from a new computer or mobile device, which means whenever you login from any new device you will get notification.By this way no one can get intro your account without access to your phone or one of your recognized devices ( Example: the computer or phone you are saved on your Facebook account). You can turn it on from Security Settings

7. Keep your security information updated - This is very important that you should keep all your information up to date.This information helps Facebook to verify who you are and get you back intro your account quickly if you ever got locked out or even got hacked.

8. Try a one time Password when using public computers - this is a very important security issue to secure your Facebook account, if you are ever worried about the security of the computer you are using, Facebook will text you a one time password to use instead of your regular password. Once you add your mobile phone number to your account, simply text Otp to 32665 and Facebook will send you a password that can be used only once. Which means whenever you are login from any other device expect your personal PC you should send the sms and use one-time password for your account.(This feature is only for US members)

9. Forget to sign out of Facebook ? you can now log out from anywhere - From the Account Security section of your Account Settings, you can see your recent activity (where and when you logged in) and log yourself out remotely by clicking “end activity.”
Make sure you're logging in from a legitimate Facebook page with the domain. Phishers use fake sites with URLs that look like to try to trick you into entering your login information. When in doubt, you can always type "" into your browser to get back to the real Facebook site.

10. Delete browser history - Always delete your browser history and do not check remember me option in Facebook if you really want to keep your account safe.

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