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Facebook news feeds are most important part of our daily life, because we get all of news of our friends updates like photos, status, comments on news feed. So, after latest update of news feed that we all know now we have two options to choose either the important or major updates of your friends Highlighted Stories First. Also as we have explained facebook spot highlighted stories first so you can also get back to your old facebook news feed as well. So, as we have seen before facebook has added few list by default Close friends, family, Area. Now in the news feed list facebook has added Acquaintance.

Acquaintance:a person known to one, but usually not a close friend. That means you can now make list of your different friends. Add all your close friends to Close Friend list. Add your family members to your Family List. Area will be added default so you do not have to add your friends to Area. but if someone lives near you but his location is different in the Location information of facebook you can also manually add your friends to Area. If you would like to add friends to your list look at the left side of your facebook homepage you will see a menu Lists from their you can choose your list and add your friends. Also you can always click on them to view your particular family , close friends updates.

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