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After desktop computer in 1970's we introduced with the new technology called Mobile or cellphone.he young generation teenagers simply started loving it. Now a days most of the teenagers have cellphones on their hand. As we can use mobile for different type of works everyone love to use it.Easy to carry a small device even school going kids started to use it. It has become the number one source for communication. Now as cellphones turns into smartphones people can do so many things inside this small device. Such as : playing games , listening music, browsing internet , social networking , talking , chatting and more on.
So there are many manufacturing companies in the world who developing and introducing us to different type's of cellphones everyday with new look new features new improvement and much more. We here goes the list of top 10 largest mobile handset manufacturing companies in the world.

1. Nokia: Undoubtedly with over 400 + million handsets sold worldwide is still the number 1 in this business. Nokia market share is around 28 % world wide which is huge and can't be beaten that easily. The Symbian based phones are known for its stability and reliability and long lasting (in most cases).

2. Samsung: Samsung has started giving Nokia tough competition by introducing some really cool touch screen phone which are much cheaper than their Nokia counterparts. Samsung has sold more than 250 + million handsets and has a market share of around 17 %.

3. LG: LG is at No 3 with 100 + million handsets sold and approximate market share of 6.5 %. The USP of LG mobiles are there costs and usability. LG has a wide range of affordable mobile phone which have the latest technology but yet are very affordable.

4. Apple: Do you think iPhone manufacturer should have been at the top well its at no 4. Apple never compromises on its price nor its quality. They have a business model which really works well in USA, but if it has to work in the entire world they certainly have to make there phone much more affordable. With 55+ million handsets sold and market share of just 3.2 % it is at no 4.

5. RIM OR Blackberry: Research In Motion's BlackBerry there most famous service and phone was in NEWS the world over for all the wrong reasons. BlackBerry services are very popular among Business class and as the business class is also limited there handsets sold are also limited. With 45+ million handsets sold the world over and market share of around 2.8 % it stands well at No 5.

6. Sony Erricson: Sony Erricson gave the world some of the best sound playing and picture taking phones but on reliability front they are not as impressive as other Top 5 giants. Having said all that with 40 + million handsets sold and market share of 2.5 % they are at No 6.

7. Motorola: Motorola has a history of introducing very cool looking phones. Many of there mobile handsets are very popular among youngsters. This year they have sold around 36 + million handsets and has a market share of 20 %.

8. HTC: Very well known for its Windows based Touchscreen phones probably would be the only company who has more models of touchscreen after Apple. With 26 + million handsets already sold and market share of approximately 1.6 % they are at 3rd postion from the bottom i.e. at No 8.

9. Huawe: Not the most popular brand but still has sold 22 + million handsets and market share of 1.3 %.

10. Others: Others include a collection of all the mobile manufacturers which collectively sold around 150 + million phones and has today a market share of around 33 %. These are the companies which are Giving the Top 3 a run for there money.

It would be interesting to see if Samsung dethrones Nokia in 2011 as No 1 spot. Competition is fierce and its only going to benefit all of us.

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