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The formal approval from Wikimedia Foundation for Wikimedia Bangladesh.Recently this information has been publish from Wikimedia foundation.This formal approval of the online encyclopedia project's publicty and outreach to increase wikipedia and Wikimedia and other Wikimedia managed an independent and non-profit organization though the work of the WIkimedia Bangladesh.Bangladesh Wikimedia is already added more than thousand articles, which has been added by self services.About the approval of the Wikimedia Bangladesh, Bangladeshi Open Source Network Munir Hasan general secretary said " The wikipedia of this approval are to be more elaborate. The Bengali Wikipedia work can be done in a new way to improvement".

Wikipedia Bangladesh will now work as branch of the wikimedia Foundation.On the other hand this foundation will also improve the content for free online seminars, workshops and more though various programs with the help of the Wikimedia foundation projects.In addition to the Wikimedia projects to improve the management and the search for moral and financial partnerships, consultation, and other organizations for their help facilitate the use of Wikimedia content, and organize local and national level, and various initiatives, in the free content (free content), and wiki culture (Culture wiki) will work to publish the Wikimedia Bangladesh.
Bangladeshi Wikipedia administrator of the Wikimedia Foundation, stuyarda Tanvir Rahman said the first light, from last two years we were trying to open a new chapter. but at least, we were successful. '

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