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2011 Mobile game of year year catagory from a the calling all innovators contest is Sparkle which is developed by 10Tons received $250000.If you want a game which is easy to play and fun to play and interesting and enjoying but yet its kind of difficult to complete level Sparkle will be the best one for you. In a classic game of Good versus evil, your task would be are you going to accept it. Is to save crowberry woods from the darkness that is begun to take over. You start your journey at the center of the woods at the giant mushrooms where your first first endeavor is to take control and stop the darkness from stealing all your orbs.

ou control a circular orb launcher that when pressed fires colored orbs. As you do this, a chain of identical-but-random orbs will be flowing around a track, all heading into a bottomless pit where the darkness will be waiting to steal them. In order to stop this, your fire your colored orbs at the matching colored orbs on the track. Match three or more of the same color and you’ll make them vanish, meaning they’ll never end up in the hole. A minor win for you.

Every now and then, you’ll be presented with random power-ups that will help you in your quest. The snail one is a particular favorite as it slows things down and allows you time to think about your next move as things usually move pretty fast.

Once you’ve capture enough of your orbs, the dark pit will be closed and you’ll have the option to move onto the next level and progress through the woods. Along your journey, you’ll need to find hidden enlightening objects that will help you enlighten the woods and banish the darkness for ever.

As well as power ups, you’ll discover magical amulets along the treacherous path. These give you special powers throughout entire levels, such as: immortality; luck; and swift. There are loads more, each one makes the levels easier in one way or another and we’d recommend you make use of these as much as you can. The levels get much harder the further you progress in the game.

Sparkle 2011 Game Trailer:

In all, there must be over a hundred different levels in the quest mode, and many more in the challenge mode. Sparkle costs £3.00 and runs on the new Symbian phones: it’ll keep you entertained for hours.

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