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If you think about the old days it was too hard to watch a TV show or movie if you missed it. But today things are changed and lot more better for the people to watch their favorite shows on TV.If you missed your favorites shows you have a good chance that you can watch the show later online at an official site and if you are really don't want to miss it then you can also use other third party stream or download sites.

A new website has launched called Remember To Watch which offers a great online service for people who do not like to miss their favorite TV shows.Right now the service is only limited for the US TV shows and it will either email your or send you an SMS to remind you that your favorite tv show is about to air.
 The website homepage will display a list of upcoming tv shows. Each show is displayed with its name,tags, time and subscribe to reminders.You can either subscribe to a single episode or all future episodes of that particular show.

You can only subscribe to tv shows and events if you have an account. Registration is free and it will take just a single minute. Email notification is enabled by default. So you will be notify via your email you can also change it. You need to enter your cellphone number to get cell phone or SMS notifications.

All of the subscribed to tv shows are displayed in the members are after you logged in. You can also unsubscribe or change your settings like the alert time which can be changed either you can set it to 30 or 15 or even 50 minutes as well.This is the time when you will receive notifications about an upcoming tv show or event.

Most of the popular shows are available for selection. While you find lots of tv shows there it is likely that you won't find all listed.

SO you can try it by your self :
Click here to visit the official Remember To Watch Website.

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