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Opera recently released the new version Opera 12 Alpha.The company has release the version 12 and with in a very short time they release the Opera 12 Alpha version. The major updates in this new versions are : javascript engine, carakan, ECMASript 5.1 compliant.HTML 5 was added before in Opera 12. This alpha version also have WebGL. and full hardware acceleration.Also you have option to add themes and change the looks and layout.

WebGL in combination with new ECMAscript features like type arrarys makes it possible to develop and run games with high quality graphics in your browser. To demonstrate the possibilities of these new technologies Opera has ported the game Emberwind to HTML5.

Full hardware acceleration
Opera aims to give the best possible performance for all users. This is why we already have a "software accelerated" backend in Vega. However with the new hardware accelerated backend Opera will draw the whole user interface using the GPU, not just specific elements of the webpage like the canvas element. This will offload the CPU significantly and make it possible to accelerate the rendering of all webpages. On systems with outdated drivers or buggy graphics cards, Opera will fallback to the heavily optimized Vega software rendering engine.

Opera 12 makes it easier than ever to personalize your browser. It's now possible to create simple lightweight themes based on a nice photos or other graphics. It's also easier to install and try out new and existing themes (previously called skins).

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