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We have collected some of the new latest and exciting apps for iPhone, iPad, Ipod Touch devices. If you are looking for some interesting staffs from the app store you might like these as they have good reviews and users like them most.These are few games and app links that are popular this week.
1.Ray marching (game)
2.Imo instant messenger (app)
3.Powder Monkeys (game)
4.LinkDots (game)
5.Wake N Snake(app) 

  • Ray Marching: You are the Sun to control the ray. Your army, photons will march along the ray. Flowers are waiting to be saved from the threat of darkness. Can you rescue them? Free for iPhone - App Store link
  • imo instant messenger: Stay in touch with friends on your existing IM accounts: Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, Hyves, VKontakte, Myspace, and now Steam! Free for iPhone - App Store link
  • Powder Monkeys: Ready yer cannons and set sail on a high seas adventure as you lead the Powder Monkeys in their quest to rid the world of the evil bugs plaguing all monkey-kind. $0.99 for iPhone and iPad - App Store link
  • LinkDots: It is not tic tac toe, connect four or Minesweeper, the old time classic games that have granted us such great moments. LINKDOTS goes further than that. You earn points depending on the complexity of your figures. $0.99 for iPhone - App Store link
  • Wake N Shake: Experience what it feels like to wake up with a sudden jolt of energy. The intense physical motion required to shut off the alarm raises your heart rate, and wakes you up instantly. No more dragging yourself out of bed. Jump out of bed and get your day started! $0.99 for iPhone - App Store link

    If you would like to share any other games or app please feel free to share thought comments. Thanks

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