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Iphone 4S new Camera Point-and-Shoots
Iphone bona fide digital camera replacement. Iphone is the top camera on Flickr.
The new iphone 4S has a camera with 8 megapixel sensor, a new fifth lens, an enlarged aperture, face detection and reduced motion blur, meaning it legitimately rivals the specs of point-and-shoot cameras. The camera also now allows for basic photo editing, so users will able to edit, crop, rotate, auto enhance photos, remove re-eye and more.
Moreover this will be the camera that you always wanted to be in your iphone to take photos without any sacrifices.And as Apple said iPhone 4S camera will be the only camera they have ever used.

On the other hand Apple also upgraded the quality on the video camera as well. Now by using 4S you can shoot 1080p HD videos and they also have upgraded the front 3G camera for webcam and other activities. So, till now iPhone camera is more upgraded with more function and easy-to-use feature and quality.

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