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Iphone 4S Siri : Ask and you shall recieve:
Having a own personal assistant waiting for your beck-and-call sound ? A helping hand that can look up the weather, read your text messages, find your nearby resturants, tell you the time in India, set your alarm clock, give you direction, tell you timetable, check your calender for conflicting meeting, dictate and transcribe your notes and text messages, read a book for you and so on and all you have to do is just ask ?

That is call Siri the new iphone 4s personal assistant build in.

Just like you watch in the action movies that a person speak to his car or computer or robot and the device just work as they tell it to do. Siri personal assistant of iphone 4s is just like that but this time a cellphone where you can send your commands though speaking. You just have to speak normally like to tell Siri to set reminder, shedule, a meeting, send a message, set the alarm, tell the time of a location and more.You can also ask siri about the traffic conditions as well as the weather conditions. for example "Do i have to go out with umbrella" ? for instance and query your handy helper for any other right-here-right-now needs.

Siri understands what you say, the context and meaning around who and what you mention in your requests, and is capable of responding accordingly.

But Siri is only for Iphone 4S you will not get it in your Iphone 3G or 3GS.

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