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So, there might be a question around your might what does Google brings with the new Android OS version 4 Ice Cream Sandwich ? What are the functions added ? what new features ? what is new in Ice Cream Sandwich ? why is it named Ice Cream Sandwich ? What are the device which comes with Android version 4 ? and more on.
Google Ice Cream Sandwich has been announced in a HongKong conference called AsiaD this week.The most important Top 10 coolest features of Google Ice Cream Sandwich Android version 4.0 are :  
1.Face Unlock Or Facial Recognition
2.Android Beam
3.New Browser Functionality
4.New Contacts and Social Networking Features
5.Data Management
6.New User Interface
7.New Camera Capabilities
9.Simple Screenshots
10.Widget Management

So, we are going to explain each of new features which are added in the Google Ice Cream Sandwich

Face Unlock Or Facial Recognition
We always care about our device security. As we have so many important things inside of our device. So for more security Google has added Facial recognition for unlocking the device. Which means the front camera will look forward to your face and unlock your device. So if your phone is stolen or even someone else try to access to your device without your facial recognition he will not able to access your Android device. You can either set it on or off as your choice and also can change the face as well.Also you can use code numbers or even if you don't want any security you can switch off both of them.

Android Beam
Ice Cream Sandwich leverages NFC (near-field communication) technology that lets users share apps, websites, YouTube videos, maps, directions, and more by simply tapping two Android 4.0 phones together, much like iOS's Bump It app.

New Browser Functionality
Google Android 4 or Ice Cream Sandwich has added some new improved functions to its web browser. The new browser is closely match with the desktop Chrome browser. It has also includes Chrome sync (which keeps bookmarks synced between your handset and desktop browsers), a “full site" button (which let users switch between desktop and mobile views), tabs, and a new Incognito tab. 

New Contacts and Social Networking Features
Contacts and social network is one of important part in our social life. So Google has improved the new way of contacts and social networking features.Ice Cream Sandwich's "People" streamlines the way that contacts are displayed. Contact information is culled from your social networking connections, plus any other custom info that you'd like to manually add. This data is displayed on cards (similar to Windows Phone 7.5's tiles) that are updated when the contact updates his or her social networking information.

Data Management
Bundled with Android 4.0 is a stock app that lets you control network activity and view a specific app’s data usage. What's the benefit of this? You can now set up warnings (for when you begin to approach certain data thresholds), and hard caps to avoid an overage-fee pummeling.

New User Interface
Taking a cue from the Honeycomb tablet operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich sports a sleek futuristic design that more closely aligns the phone and slate OSes. Android 4.0 also has a multitasking icon that calls up your recently used apps, and eliminates the need for physical keys, as it features adaptable software buttons.

New Camera Capabilities
Google Ice cream sandwich comes with the new cool camera capability which is multiple shot, which means you can shoot any moment with multiple pictures and you will not miss any of the moment due to relatively lengthy snap time. It will take a very short time to take multiple snaps and the camera will be more frequent so you will not get bad photos at all. This function has comes with the new Apple iOS 5 similar to that Android 4.0 also packs a new filter-filled photo editor, and a particularly cool sounding feature : an image rotator that spins the photo based on where your eyes are looking at. it means it will rotate with your eye direction.

Does Apple iOS 5's Siri have voice control competition in Ice Cream Sandwich? That remains to be seen, but Android 4.0’s live voice-to-speech feature lets smartphone users create e-mail, texts, and perform other functions simply by speaking. This should (hopefully) make dictation and messaging a swifter, more streamlined affair.

Simple ScreenshotsAndroid finally lets you take screenshots without requiring users to install apps, pull hair, or gnash teeth. How is it done? Users (especially hardworking Android app reviewers) will appreciate the operating system’s ability to grab a screenshot by simultaneously holding power and volume-down buttons.

Widget Management
Ice Cream Sandwich gives you widget flexibility by letting you select the size of displayed information on the home screens. Android 4.0 makes it easier to place widgets on the desktop; you simply press and hold the screen which opens a menu that reveals all of the widgets.

We still didn't found why Google named it Ice Cream Sandwich as it seems like very funny may that's why it will attract people so they named it Ice Cream Sandwich.

The first phone which comes with the Android 4 is Samsung Nexus for more information Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich
And other upcoming products are Motorola RAZR Asus Transformer 2 With Google Ice Cream Sandwich 2012

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