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Sometimes for certain reasons we are unable to access to our favorite social network Facebook. The most major cause that it can be the IP problem. May be your IP is blocked by Facebook or may be your ISP is blocking Facebook. So, if you are blocked by country , ISP you can still use your favorite social network Facebook.You can access using proxy which means changing your IP address or Internet Protocol address. You can use Facebook proxy either from website or even you can access thought some software as well. If you want to login to your facebook account through websites then you can use the below links:
Just go to one of the following links enter the facebook url example : or and you are done.

If you want to use other proxy softwares to login to your facebook account you may use the following softwares to login :
If you are mozilla firefox browser user and fan you can add a simple add-on to change your proxy and login to your Facebook account - Add this addon to mozilla
Or you can use UltraSurf proxy software to login to your facebook account - click here
You can also use Hide My IP to access to your Facebook account using proxy - Click here

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