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Facebook added lot of new features and function. One of the important feature is video calling. Now a days most of users uses Facebook chat rather then any other chat clients. So, this video calling feature is really great for all users to video chat with their Facebook friends. So, by installing a simple video plug-in in your computer you can enjoy the video calling feature in facebook.You can easily enable the video calling in Facebook.
So here we are going to show you how can you turn on or enable and setup Facebook video calling:
Video call only support in latest browsers.If the video icon is not showing on your chat window please update your browser. I am using Mozilla firefox version 7.0.1. Update your browser to use video calling feature.
Step 1: Select a friend from your friend list.

Step 2: On your friend chat tab you will see a camera icon click on it "Start a video call".

Step 3: Now a new window will popup with video setup option. Now click "Set Up".

Step 4: Then save the file or download the file in your computer. File fize : 481.96 KB. Click save file .You can also download the file from here - click here

Step 5: Run the downlaoded file. Wait a few seconds so that it initialize completely.

Step 6: Now this software will autometically start downloading Facebook video call plug-in in your computer. So, wait a few seconds till the download process complete.

Step 7:After the download process is complete. The window will close autometically. Now go to your facebook screen one more time.again follow Step 1 and 2. Select a friend and click start video calling.Now wait till your friend accept the video call as video will start as soon as your friend answers.
Step 8: Now after your friend accept the video call you will able to see your friend on the screen as well as if both of you have microphone you will able to talk as well.

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