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Facebook World largest social network with lot of featues and fun to spend time with.Using facebook we can do so many things chat, sending message, photos, comments, groups, fanpage and more and more.Today it is really hard to give some times to our friends. Facebook made the way so easy to keep in touch with them and keep up with their daily updates.It brought people a lot closer and has built greater relationships. I think with Facebook somebody people will able to touch their friends - not a joke.

Every one is familiar with sending text messages on Facebook but there are other options as well inside of text messages. Do you every though about you can send a video or photo message in Facebook ? Video or photo messages are most exiting ones among them. It is said that with text all you can communicate is just 40 percent, an effective and complete communication can be done only by including your gestures along with the text. This can be possible only with a video or photo or snapshoot message where you can communicate all that you want to your friends and family with ease.

So, Here we are going to show you simple way to send a video message in Facebook.

Requirements: You will need to have a webcam connected with your computer or laptop or tablet PC.
9 Steps to send a video message in facebook:
Step 1: Go to Facebook page, Click on Inbox icon or Messages, Now click New Message or if there is already a message of the friend you want to send then just press the Reply button.
Step 2: Now a new message box will popup. Enter a friend's name or email address in the To box. If you like to send to many people you may add as much as you want not limit is there. You can also enter any email address as well.
Step 3: Now click the Camera icon shown in the above picture.

Step 4: If prompted, give permission for the Facebook webiste to turn on your webcam.

Step 5: A Record video box will appear. When you are ready to be recorded, click on the red circle button.

Step 6: Now record your video or take the photo you would like to send. When done, click on the blue square button.

Step 7: You now have a choice of previewing your video or photo, cancelling, or attaching your video or photo. If you are ready with the video or photo you have recorded and want it to be send, click on Attach.

Step 8: Now, this is the step many people may overlook You will be brought back to the message compose window. You will have the option of typing something or not, and then click on Send to send the video or photo to a friend or email.

Step 9: The video or photo message to friend or email will then be sended to your friend or friends. If more video or photo are sent and received to from the same recipient, then they will be threaded as shown below. This is a cool feature that will make the job still easy for you.
Doing this for wall posts posts is very similar just click on Record Video, attach it, and then post or send it.

What about Video photos Controls?
When viewing videos or photos, all you need to do is to click on the blue arrow on the video window, and it will play right there. If you hover your mouse over the playing video, you will see buttons to pause it, a bar where you can drag the video timing back or forth, and volume controls.

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