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How to turn on microsoft office auto save feature : May be while you are working with Microsoft office your computer crashes and you won't able to save your work.Then you might get upset about it right ? may be you want to take a file with your in pen drive and when you insert the pen drive in your computer, your computer again get restart for some reasons and you again won't able to save your office work. That will make you more upset right.But there is a way to recover data from all Microsoft office programs.If you turn it ON then whenever you face such type of power failure, restart etc problems but you won't loss your work.It will actually recover all the work before 10 minutes before your computer was turned off.

You can use this feature in Microsoft office and get right of this problem so easily.For this first of all open Microsoft office or the file you are working , then from the top menu panel go to File > Save As then when a new window will popup from the left side select Tools > Save Options again a new window will popup, in the new window select Save Auto Recover and set the timer to 1 minute and press OK. So, from now whenever you are typing your works will auto save every minute. Even if you save the file or open the file inside a pen drive this will be saved in your pen drive as well. Like whenever you are working a file inside your pendrive every minute it will auto save your work.

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