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Once upon a time hi5 was a great social network websites. Hi5 also has a large number of users but for some privacy reasons and other facts it doesn't get much popular after Facebook joins the industry. One of the most annoying problem that i have faced over hi5 was when i try to download my own picture. It is usual and easy for everyone to download anyone's picture so easily. I do not really understand why hi5 stopped this feature. Anyways there are lot of ways you can easily download hi5 photos.

1.Using screen capture software or even you can just use your keyboard print screen button and paste it in any photo editing software. So all you need to do is press printscreen button in your keyboard. Now open microsoft pain and crl+V or from menu just paste it. And you are you done. Now select the the area of the photo you would like to copy and thats it.

HI5 Photo Download:

2.There is another a very easy way for download all the pictures of a particular user from hi5. All you need to do is just login to your hi5 account from the software. Paste the url of the friend you would like to download photos. Now all album will come and you can choose which albums you would like to download.Select the directory you would like to copy the pictures. And press the download button.You are done now you will able to see the download pictures in your computer with in just few clicks. You can even download all albums , photos or even choose which photos you would like to download with in just few clicks.

You need to have java installed in your computer to use this software

HI5 Photo Download
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