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Normally as google+ features you can disable comments and post after you share a post. But now there is a nice update by Google+ which will let you disable comments or lock posts before you share.Like you do not want any comment for your share then you can simply disable the comments so no one willa ble to comment on it.It is very simple and easy and a great feature by Google+. You can also choose the lock and disable options as you hover over the share box of any item you want to share.

Here how you will able to do it :
Step 1:I add a stutus message or whatever you say steam update "Tipsglobe - Read more to learn more! invite your friends for the latest tips - WwW.TipsGlobe.CoM" that's what i have wrote in my status share.

Step 2: Now i am also going to add a photo with my status for example. So look at below i have added a picture as well with the post.

Step 3: Now from the above picture as i have indicated a down arrow sign when you click on it you will see two options Disable Comments and Lock This Post so you can choose either you like to lock the post or disable comments or both just like below and press share and you are done.
Now after you have share your post and selected any of option no one will able to give comments to your this post.

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