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Now we all know about Facebook subscriptions which has been introduced by Facebook last month September 2011. It is just similar like the twitter follow. As you can follow your favorite people and their updates. So, Facebook has made a great way for the users to create lists of users they are subscribed or you can say list of Facebook subscribers. So it is just similar like list of the people who are following you just like Twitter.

The subscribers lists are in the left hand side of the Homepage of Facebook, subsection of favorites. If you click on a list here, you can see news feed updates from the people on that list who are subscribed.

So you want to create a custom list. So follow the instruction below to create a subscription list in Facebook:

Step 1:Click on "Lists" on the left hand side of your Facebook homepage.This will show the list of subscribers that you already have.If if think you do not have any subscribers then you are wrong as Facebook smart friends lists will be shown there.If the list does not show on your screen click on the more option it will show you the list.Now click on lists.
Step 2:After you clicked the "Lists" tab you can see a button named "+ Create A List" click on it. Now give a name of your list in the List Name Box.Now when you click.If you just want to create a list of people you are subscribe to but not people from your friend list, you can call it "Subscriptions". You may want to create different lists for separate different types of people and friends you are subscribed to. Such as journalists, technology executives, actors and more.

Step 3: After you click on "Create List" a new window will popup and it will be blank. Now you can add contacts, whether they are friends or the people you subscribe to or even both. Click on the "Manage List" button in the top right corner of the screen and then click "Add/Remove Friends" Or you can simply click on "Add friends".

Step 4:If you would like to put people you are subscribed to on the list click on the top drop down menu and select "Subscriptions" this will show the people you are subscribed too. And if you would like to add friends as well then do the same with from the menu by selecting "Friends".Now select by clicking on the photos of the people you would like to make the subscription list and when you are done click"Done".
You can always come back later and Add/Remove people and pages and subscriptions from the list.To do that all you need to do as same click "Manage List" and "Add/Remove friends".

To view a stream of updates from a particular list all you need to do is go to home page of Facebook and click the name of the list in the left hand side menu. Then you will able to see a version the new news feed containing all the updates only from the people you have selected in the list.You also have somewhat of an alternative to groups here. Anything you post while on this screen only goes out to the people on the list. Assuming they are subscribed to you.
If you would like to make the list appear higher or top of the left hand column menu of your homepage simply click on the pencil icon of the left hand side of the list name and select "Add To Favorites" just like above image.

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