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So are you ready for the Halloween? are you already hung up the cobwebs and put out all your pumpkins ? help your Sim do the same with the free Halloween sets for The Sims 3 Game.Sets of different types of Halloween gifts.

The First set is Gory Goodies: A deathly decadence cake perfect for the great Halloween lovers snacking. And lot more interested in Spooking up your porch ? Hang Clark Pack of ghosts above your front door or light up your walkway with some grinning Jack O floor lamps from the Halloween Treats set. With more Halloween treats set you can even dress up as a famous movie monster , a great worrior and much more or even a nice lovely beehive wearing bride as well.Celebrate the spooktacular with these Halloween Treats for the home.Scare your neighbors and friends with these frightening hairs and decorations. Get into the Halloween spirit with these fantastically frightening, deathly delightful, and creepy confectionary goodies!

Gift Lists:
Skullbatter's Chandelier
Give your room an eerie feel when you install one of these Skullbatter's Chandelier. Decorated with hanging skulls and a large bat, this chandelier will spook you out.
Jack O' Floor Lamp
Fill your house with festivities with this one of a kind Jack O' Floor Lamp. Its colonial stand and adorable pumpkin cut out will bring a smile to your face.
Clark's Pack of Ghosts
These pack of four wall shades have been cut to represent the ghostly nature of Halloween. Don't turn your back on them too long for they may actually turn into ghosts!
Reflecting Ghost
Be prepared to scare yourself off your feet! The Reflecting Ghost mirror will envelop your figure when you dare to take a look at it.
The Mysterious Cat
This cute and sly cat is the perfect sculpture for your mischievous ways. Its devious grin and sharp figure are just indications that something insidious is about to come.
Dark Midnight End Table
When the clock strikes midnight, is there an end table that can rise to the occasion of becoming the perfect surface for these dark times? Together with a formidable base and bat flying table cloth, the Dark Midnight End Table is all you will ever need.
Get your Sim Trick or Treat ready today each unique Halloween gift set is available as a free download from the Sims 3 Store.

You can get them now Click Here

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