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Once again number 1 search engine Google is in the top of share market.But the records are not like as before.In USA market Google had 65.3% share in September, 68.8% share in August.But in the same time Yahoo share market fall down.Yahoo is the second search engine in as popularity and their share was about 16.3%, which is now increased by 15.5%.Microsoft bing is in the third position with 14.7% share.Search engines are increasing more features in the searches because they rate of search engine income is increasing day by day because of computer and mobile searches.As always Google increases their features almost everyday.Also Google has large income from their search engine.The important features in search, details of the website content, suggestion after a word is typed, showing a review of the full website in right side and more.On the other hand Google also added new features to its mobile search engine.

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