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Google chrome browser is not in the system ? google is deleted ? i can not access to chrome ? i can launch chrome ?
There there 1000's of internet users who use Google Chrome browser reguarly. If you are one of them and you are not able to access to your browser or it has been deleted then say it to Microsoft.

In the world around 3000 Google Chrome users could not access or even can not find the browser in their system on friday.A bug in Microsoft Security Essentials MSE antivirus tagged Google Chrome as a piece of malware.
Microsoft has wrote in their Facebook Page that MSE, a popular free antivirus software made by Microsoft for Windows users, was incoorectly identifying Chrome as the PWS:Win32/Zbot virus, part of the Zeus family of trojans. As a result the antivirus blocked and remove Chrome browser from the computer of around 3000 users worldwide.

Microsoft has instantly released an updated signature (1.113.672.0), though MSE users can also manually update their protection and reinstall the Google Chrome browser once again.

Google chrome security team discovered the problem signature and began automatically restoring Chrome for affected users, which will take around 24 hours. Those who for those who don not want to wait , Google suggests removing the browser from your program list (browser history will not be deleted) and going to Chrome homepage and re-download the browser once again. Check this blog post for more information.

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