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For IT administrative experts or system administrative's "remote control desktop" is one of the important application. Using such type of application a system administrator can access and control all the computer under his network.Today one of the popular browser Google Chrome launched a new extension that system administrators will able to access to all the network PC's using their browser.Google has launched  "Chrome Remote Desktop Beta". This can used from any Google Chrome browser or even from ChromeBook as well. Google said "Using such a way that you can control anything which is far away but using a simple Browser and ChromeBook and this is the first step".

Chrome desktop beta is complete a cross-platform application. So it can be access to any PC which have Chrome browser.In this case it is not necessary that the operating system (OS) has to be same in both of the computers.It will work in Windows, Mac, Linux and all other operating systems as well.All is needed that both PC's have to have Google Chrome Browser.With is protocol Google has added their own technology called Libjingle(Google Peer To Peer Software tool).

To access easily Google has also used the Suido TCP protocol and SSL access. For structure data and flaming Google used Protocol Buffer software ProtoBuff.For graphics encoding they have used the Google video coder VP8. Currently this launched is under beta testing and for security reasons every time remote administrator login will ask for permission.But soon they will launch the full version of this extension that has been said by Google authorities.

To download this application you can click here

from here click add to Chrome and you are done.

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