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Facebook has recently launched a new free application for Ipad users. This new ipad facebook application will give ipad users a smooth touch social networking experince.You just need to use your fingertips to scroll though your news feed and albums as well.Pinch a picture will zoom in and out.Where ever you travel you will have your facebook fun in your fingers with your ipad.

The photos will be more bigger and shine on the ipad and very easy to flip though just like a real photo album.It is likely having a slideshow with all your friends and family memories wherever you go.
All your games, apps, groups and lists will be in the left side of your ipad screen so that you can easily go anywhere from the menu with just a finger touch and you do not need to dig around to find the stuff you use most.Your message and notification will be at the top of your ipad screen,so you can easily response your friends fast and keep up with the important updates without losing your place.

This new app also add some new features like you can easily chat with your friends from the right side of your screen just like you use it in your desktop or laptop.You can also play a game in full screen mode.You can also watch, record HD videso stream to airplay devices with full screen function.

So if you like to have this new cool app in your iPad then get it from the Apple app store link below:
Click Here To Download

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