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We always face trouble in our computer due to different type of virus trojans and others. AutoRun Killer is one of the most popular source to kill or delete most of the virus comes with USB drives.This anti virus will able to solve more then 35 Viruses as well as it will turn off your autorun function. The size of this master peace of software is only 540 KB.

Follow the above steps to use this software:

First of all download the file:
Download here
Install the software.

Now after the installation process is complete you will see a green icon in the taskbar.Now click on the second button of your mouse to open options then click Show Main Menu. If you would like to scan your computer then choose Scan and clean.

If there will be any virus related to autorun which comes with any type of external device they will be deleted.If you computer is infected and you are not able to open task manager, registry editor, command option, folder option and others then this software will be the best one to solve all the problem. Just need to scan and you are done. Most of the time your computer get infected by the USB drives.Using this software you can stop using the USB drives. To do so click Show main Menu and then from tools option and click block USB Port.If you choose this option then you will not able to use any USB device in your computer. IF you would like to use the device once again then follow as i have explained.

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