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What if you suddenly lost access to your Facebook account and so you lost all of your photos, videos, status updates, wall posts, friends informations and other data in your facebook account ? So you do ever think about to make a backup for your Facebook account. Isn't that a great solution.

A social media component of SOS Online Back Solution. Free application competes against Backupify, which debuted almost a year ago.

SOS founder and Chief Executive Officer Ken Shaw says roughly 8 million of the social network 800 million members have been hacked or locked out of their profiles so it seems a huge people need this backup solution everyday.

SOS social backup includes :
  • Speedy, simple setup (we signed up in seconds and received an email about our first successful backup in minutes);
  • Customize settings and choose which elements of Facebook profiles to back up, and when;
  • You can view your backup history and restore profiles to any of the saved dates or times;
  • Go back and look at what your Facebook profile looked like at any backup point (Shaw called it “a time machine for Facebook”);
  • Generate a backup.html file, which is a fully contained package of the full versions of all files from users’ Facebook profiles;
  • Convert friends’ information into .vcf Outlook contact files; and
  • Recover all files into a second Facebook account.

SOS Social Backup is only one component of the newest version of the company platform , as it also supports backup of PC, Mac and iOS and Android devices as well.

PRicing for the full package varies depending on the amount of data and the length of the commitment and up to five PCs are supported. You can check out more information here

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