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EA has confirmed that a new game called Burnout Crash is coming for iOS it means you can play it in your favorite apple device such as iPod, Ipad and iPhone. This game is based on car crashes.This game will be launch in coming up holiday season.In the Burnout Crash game your goal will is wreak as much havoc as possible causing massive multi car pile ups for mega points. Utilize crashbreaker explosions and in air after touch controls to steer your wreck deeper into oncoming traffic, earning combo multipliers and special abilities in a snowball for destructions. If the anticipation for the iOS version is too much handle you can also pick up Burnout Crash on your Xbox Live or PlayStation network as well.

Game Info

Master the Disaster! – Decimate traffic in three explosive game modes across six unique locations and 18 crash junctions, each demanding unique skills and strategies to maximize damage and debris.

Dominate the Crash Wall – Powered by the award winning Autolog technology, players will be able to connect, compete and compare high scores with friends. The all new Autolog Challenges  let’s players go head-to-head with their buddies for top spot on the Crash Wall.

Top-Down Frenzy – The unique top-down perspective gives players a full view of each location, allowing them to strategize and plan their destruction for the highest score.

Easy to Pick-Up, Difficult to Master – Super simple controls make it easy for anyone to instantly join the wreckage, but only players who strategize and plan for each unique location will wear the Crash Wall crown.

CRASH! with Kinect – Electronic Arts’ first Xbox LIVE Arcade title to feature a game mode designed exclusively for Kinect. Up to 14 players can split into teams and use gestural controls on one television to crash and burn in an all-out party battle!

Retro Music Inspirations – Crank up the chaos and the volume with retro tunes from classic music icons, including Gloria Estefan, The Weathergirls, Salt n' Pepa, Vanilla Ice and more.

Lots of Unlockables – Smash and ignite high-valued targets for score multipliers and earn achievements to unlock unique new vehicles and crazy special features

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