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Apple new AppleCare+ plan which will covers all your iphone problems or damages. Such as stepping on your Iphone or accidentally flushing it down the toilet.This AppleCare+ plan will give you one year of hardware repair coverage and including 90 days of telephone technical support, and also covers as many as two incidents of accidental damage "due to handling". Your clumsiness may cost you a $49 service free for each of the incident, but it is better than paying an entirely new device.

This new plan comes with new prices : $99 as opposed to $69. That was the price of the orginal iPhone AppleCare plan. Further more, Apple points out that you must purchase AppleCare+ together with a new iPhone meaning it will be with your warranty.

So there as you have it, if you are really clumsy, the new AppleCare+ iPhone plan will probably be a great fit for you, but it doesn't come cheap at all.

So, share your views about the new AppleCare+ iPhone plan though the comments.

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