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We all like to play games in PC. But we all face problem sometimes while playing the games and even when we try to install a game. We feel so good when we are able to run 3D games faster and smoother. In our this article we will explain all those technical problems and solutions for them. We have added top 10 problems that we very known to all gamers and computer users.

1. AGP/Graphics card Problems ?
As we all know new games comes with high graphics load. You must need external graphics card for most of the high graphics games such as GTA IV. If you like 3D games a lot you must buy a good graphics card. In my knowledge i will suggest you to buy Nvidia G-Force brand graphics cards as they are reliable and comes with most features and most of the high graphics game developers also recommended G-Force cards.You can check latest releases of G-Force graphics card from here.

We face problem while playing that our game becomes very slow even sometimes graphics problems due games screen still or get too slow and stop moving.I know that is so frustrating for everyone while playing games. There are basically two fixes for these issues. First of all you can setup low graphics settings from the games settings menu. Secondly the developers update games as they found bugs or reports from the gamers. So always update patches to fix this problem. You can also use some external website to download game patches and updates. You can just search in Google for example if you want to search the game GTA IV go to Google search for GTA IV patches or GTA IV updates or GTA IV fix. This is just examples you can search all other problems like these.

2. RAM and processor problems ?
Sometimes we face slow gaming load , slow gaming while playing and all other issues due to computer high load. To fix these issues you can simply turn off all other program processing. For better performance setting up the start up processes you can simply go to start > Run > type : msconfig. A new window will popup named : System configuration Utility. From the menu select startup now just uncheck the programs you would like to turn off. Be sure that you do not turn off any system files or sound files or graphics card. If you turn off system files then you will face problems and if you turn off the sound card driver files then you won't able to hear any sound. Now after unchecking press Apply and OK. So after setting up just restart your computer. Even some anti viruses have gaming mode like bitdefender and kaspersky. So after restarting your computer your computer is now in gaming mode.

There is another option press alt + ctl + del together from your keyboard a new window will popup select Windows Task Manager for XP users and if you are using other operating system then select Windows task manager from the menu. A Window will popup called Windows task manager select processes from there you will able to see which programs are processing in your computer and how much memory it is using. Just select the programs you would like to turn off and press End Process then warning messages popup just press Yes.Now start your game. Do not stop the explorer.exe and all other system and graphics and sound card.

Another issue is System high load : Always keep your system simple as default settings do not use high graphics load wallpapers , widgets , animations , icons for folders and cursol animation etc.

3. Computer heating up ?
Due to many issues computer get heated up lot. For this reasons we always face some problems like your computer will restart automatically without any warning while playing games , computer running very slow and others. Most of the times for desktop and laptop this problem occurs. To solve them first of all you need to clean your PC. Remove dust from your processor fan , other fans connected to your PC , remove dust from graphics card and motherboard. All processor and graphics cards comes with a removable cooling fan so you can just remove them from your graphics card and processor clean it up and fix it again. Now your computer is neat and clean but still having problem then attach some external cooling fan with your PC. For laptop users you can use external laptop cooling pads.

4. Clean up registry and C:/ or system drive ?
You can clean your registry and unnecessary files from your computer using any good registry clean. I will recommend you to use Advanced System Optimizer. Also clean up C:/ or system drive and keep it clean and keep more spaces more then 2GB of free spaces. As most of the files that saves in your computer automatically will be in C:/ system drive. So it is really needed that your system drive should be neat and clean with free spaces. Also game saved files and others will be saved in system drive.

5. Using some programs like game booster ?
These programs will actually do the same thing that i have explained in section 1. and 2. We explained it manually and they will do it automatically that will be the difference. Yes, there are difference between doing manually and automatically. If you do it manually you can face some problems if you do not know what programs you are turning off. So if you don't know about your system well i will suggest you do it automatically using programs like game booster and another program i will recommend tune up utilities which have all in one feature. But remember doing it automatically will not going to give full solution. So i will recommended you to do it manually if you know your system well.

6. Update all drivers and add extra RAM ?
As we all know most of the games requires minimum requirements so if you do not have a system with all requirements needed you won't able to play that game. As i have seen most of game need higher RAM and graphics card so i have said that before to buy a good graphics card now i will also suggest you to buy extra RAM.As far as i know 2 to 4 GB ram is enough for any game. Keep all your computer drivers up to date. Your grahics card card driver , sound card drivers , windows updates and all other programs that you are using related to your system keep them up to date. You can update your graphics card driver from start > control panel > performance and maintenance > system. Click hardware tab and select device manager. You will find all the adapters click on the name of your graphics card and update drivers with the instruction. All other driver updates will be there too.

7. Problem while installing game or loading game?
Sometimes this problem occurs while we are trying to install the game or even when we just enter the game in the starting screen. This is due to some issues first of all i will suggest you when you start the installing process do not do any other processes simple just do not use your computer for while installation process and do not use any other programs or just do not use the computer first let the installation process to be completed.

Secondly when you start the game do not just press Esc Enter Space buttons again and again to escape all the intro loading and directly enter the game. This is recommended for high graphics games loading at the first time after installation. As it will take some times due to it creates directories and copy and create some files while loading. So just be patient for the first time of loading. As i have explained above for those issues some times your game won't start up due to heavy load of processes and memory use. So always turn off all programs before starting any game.
Other problems could be because of the game files are missing. If any game files are missing it will promt with a file missing message. A simple solution is that just copy the name of the file for example gta.dat this file is missing so now go to Google and search for file download it and copy and paste it. If you do not know where to copy paste or in which directory you need to copy the file. Just search in Google once again if still you can not find the solution you can request here for help.
Sometimes computer is not able to detected graphics card and for this issue gamers face problem.Always check your graphics card driver, is it properly installed , is it working properly and graphic card driver up to date. To check graphics card is working simple go to task manager and search for the name of the driver or your graphics card name or company name. for example mine is : atiptaxxx.exe so its processing that means my graphics card is detected and working fine.

8. Directx up to date, Games for Windows - live , Microsoft .NET Framework, openGL and others ?
If your directX is not up to date as the game requirements then your game i will not run. You need to check your directX version is up to date or not. To check directX version : On Windows 2000 or Windows XP Click Start -> Run. Type dxdiag and click OK.On Windows Vista or Windows 7.Click Start -> Type dxdiag in the search bar and press Enter. Read the games read me file and you will find out what DirectX version is required to play the game. To download directx latest version you can go to Microsoft official website.
Some of the latest games now requires Games for Windows - LIVE. So you need to install games for Windows LIVE in your computer to play few games for example : GTA IV. Sometimes they also required other programs needed to be installed in your computer such as flash player. To download latest flash player visit here. Please read the readme file so that you know what is needed to play the game.
Microsoft .NET framework is very nessesary for any computer for installing software or games. So you must have to have the latest version of Microsoft .NET framework installed in your computer. To download it please visit the microsoft offical site from here.
Some games requires openGL so do not forget to check is the openGL installed in your computer if not then download it from here.

9. Game CD/DVD problems ?
Sometimes when you keep the cd or dvd for a long time without using it for dust and scratches it will not properly work. Or even if you use it many times scratches will be in it. So for that reason you will face trouble while playing games or installing using the cd or dvd. You can use software to remove scratches from your cd or dvd. Like disk Doctor. Another great method will be take toothpaset rub it on the scratched side of the cd or dvd let it dry and then wipe off with water. Warning: be careful when you will use this method.

10. Problem that user face most of the time ?
Most of the time the user face a problem while trying to play a game is because of the hardware. If you do not have all the minimum requirements a game needed then you won't able to play the game.

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