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One of the most interesting part of iPhone is paying games. I guess you all love your iPhone and you love to play games on it. We all always wonder what will be the best things for our iPhone as we want to use it in the best way. So just imagine what will be better then games playing in your iphone. So what guess will be the best for your iphone. As in the topic said i will share with you top 10 free games for your iphone but i will also share few more in my upcoming posts. I know you do not like to buy games and losing your money so i i thought i must share few free iPhone games with you.So lets not wait anymore and see my collection of free iphone games list:

1. FreeAppWin
Use this game to discover paid apps that are offered for free daily. You can also enter contests where you can win up to $200 daily. You can also acquire bonus contest entries by telling your friends about it. Take note that a random winner is picked for each day. For more information, you can read the app’s terms and conditions.

2. Rage HD
Rage is a first-person rail shooting game. It is like a post-apocalyptic game show where hungry mutants are stalking you while you are enduring three levels of the game to obtain ammo and cash. Choose from a variety of weapons to survive the game. You can either use a pistol, shotgun or machine gun.
3. Siege Hero
Move over, Angry Birds. Siege Hero is a quite similar game that has a different theme. Your goal is to tear hundreds of castles down by tapping the screen to fire. You can unlock treasures and earn gold on each castle and unlock extra levels. The app offers over five hours of free gameplay.
4. Hit the Apple!
The game combines humor and basic physics skills. Basically, it is a bow-shooting game where you have to hit the apple with a bow and arrow. Just make sure to aim the right way to avoid killing the opponent, so do not miss. The difficulty increases as you proceed to another level.
5. Extreme Road Trip
Extreme Road Trip is the number one free iPhone game in the App Store. The game’s goal is to get to the farthest possible distance using a limited amount of gas. Perform stunts to get a nitro boost, which in turn helps you get farther. The only disadvantage is that it only features one environment and that there is no tilt control for the stunts.

6. Crack your Screen Simulator
Do you want to pull a simple prank on your friends? Then you should try this app. All you need to do is to download and install this app on your friend’s iPhone and tap the screen to make it look like it has been broken. Multi-tap feature also included.
7. Milk the Cow
Milk a cow to death by downloading and using this app. This game allows you to check how fast you can do the task and compete with the scores of your friends in the game center. All you need to do is to squeeze the breasts of the cow and see how many buckets you can fill within 30 seconds.
8. The Impossible Test SUMMER
This is the fourth installment from the Impossible Test series. It is packed with thirty questions that are summer-themed. Answer these questions correctly in order to unlock and collect seven different medals. The game also offers a new set of physics-based questions. To date, this game has already been downloaded for over 11 million times.
9. Tap Town 2
This game claims to be the most popular city building game downloaded in the App Store. There are over 70 buildings you can put up in your town. You can also manage over 20 jobs in factories. You can also add people to be your neighbors and expand as you level up.
10. Tap Petshop
If you love animals, then this is the perfect app for you. This game allows you to build a pet store with your favorite animals. You can enjoy the game more by customizing your store with staff, decorations and pets. Take note that the game also has certain items that are required to be bought using real money, but you can disable this feature.

now five more extra free games for you:
11. Rail Maze
From the creators of Bubble Explode and Pumpkin Explode comes this new challenging game for your iPhone. Rail Maze allows you to solve over 100 puzzles by building railroads and dropping bombs around the obstacles while avoiding the pirates along the railways. It also features tunnels that you can use for your escape.
12. Doodle Cam
You can now cartoonize your videos using this app. Doodle Cam allows you to record videos and incorporate hand-drawn effects on them. You can also adjust the speed and resolution of the video. The app is free but you can upgrade it to Doodle Cam premium where you can enjoy more features.
13. Too Addictive!
It is basically a free or a LITE version of the iPhone game “Cover Orange” where your goal is to drag objects to create barriers to cover the oranges and protect them from the harmful and toxic cloud. The free version offers ten levels of gameplay. It may seem like a scam, but it’s not. It’s just a LITE version.
14. PlayItYourself 4
This game claims to help you learn basic piano skills. There are two ways to play this game. You can either learn their scores by studying or you can simply follow the notes as shown in the app. You also have the choice on which hand you want to play because the other hand will be automatically played by the app.
15. The Streetz
The Streetz is a free online game where you can build up your crew and gear them up with powerful weapons and vehicles. If you become successful in the missions, you will certainly get a lot of money, power and of course, women. It’s basically living the life of a gangsta.

All these games you will able to play in your iphone.

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