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Adding smiley using symbols or colorful smiley FaceWinks :
So have you ever though you could add Smiley or emoticons inside your status. I must say its will be really interesting for everyone who ever read your status and see some changes which others don't have. Firstly i would say i love to share smiley with my friends as I have posted before Facebook chat emoticons smileys list for the Facebook chat. So, so question would be how you can add smiley or emotion in Facebook status. The fact is it is really easy to do it. First of all i will show you how you will do it via symbols.

List Of Symbols :

♥ – heart symbol
♫ – music note
♪ – smaller music note
☺ – smiley face
☻ – smiley face #2
☼ – sun
Hold ‘alt’ then press 1 – ☺
Hold ‘alt’ then press 2 – ☻
Hold ‘alt’ then press 3 – ♥
Hold ‘alt’ then press 4 – ♦
Hold ‘alt’ then press 5 – ♣
Hold ‘alt’ then press 6 – ♠
Hold ‘alt’ then press 7 – •
Hold ‘alt’ then press 8 – ◘
Hold ‘alt’ then press 9 – ○
Hold ‘alt’ then press 10 – ◙
Hold ‘alt’ then press 11 – ♂
Hold ‘alt’ then press 12 – ♀
Hold ‘alt’ then press 13 – ♪
Hold ‘alt’ then press 14 – ♫
Hold ‘alt’ then press 15 – ☼
Hold ‘alt’ then press 16 – ►
Hold ‘alt’ then press 17 – ◄
Hold ‘alt’ then press 18 – ↕
Hold ‘alt’ then press 19 – ‼
Hold ‘alt’ then press 20 – ¶
From this list you can just copy and paste the smiley or emoticon in the status and everyone will able to see them.

There is also another way i know to add colorful smiley inside your status. For that you will need to install an Facebook add-on. Facewinks is a free tool that you can add different types of colorful smiley in status updates. When you will install the software, it will install as a browser add-on. After installing the software open your facebook you will see drop down FaceWinks with status update bar. Just click on the drop-down and select the emoticon or smiley that you want to add.

To download the FaceWinks tool click here

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